Policing at the Speed of Trust & The Nobility of Policing


03/14/2013 thru 03/15/2013
For More Info:
Sandra Perez at (562) 946-7903



Policing at The Speed of Trust-

This program will teach officers how to build trust through leadership. The program will not only impact these officers in their associations with their peers but also with the community they serve and their family. Participants will learn how to build, extend and restore trust while making a distinctive contribution to society.

Nobility of Policing-

This workshop helps officers remember the nobility of their calling in law enforcement. Given the demands of the profession it’s easy for officers to become tainted, cynical and disengage from the job. The Nobility of Policing program will bring back the feelings these officers had when they left the academy and support them as they re-engage in the job.

There is no fee for this course. The materials fee is paid through a grant obtained from the Carolinas Institute for Community Policing and funded through the Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA) ****

Participant materials are purchased directly from FranklinCovey and attendance is mandatory once enrolled. Substitutions are allowed.

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